How You Can Use AI for Sales to Make Selling More Intuitive

Speech recognition, language translation, and text data collection are also based on NLP. The chatbots you can find on apps and websites are an excellent example of NLP in a sales setting. A well-known example of everyday ML is a spam filter code in your email account. In sales, you can use ML to analyze massive data from customers or the sales channels like websites or apps and find patterns and insights.

How To Use AI In Sales

Instead of leads falling through the cracks, as they often do, every lead is contacted, nurtured, and qualified. Once the lead is warm or needs human attention, the machine hands the lead off to a human rep. Technology powered by machine learning gets better over time, often without human involvement.

Contextual selling: How customer centricity helps seal the deal

For instance, you could set an automation rule to send a personalized welcome email to every lead who fills in one of your web forms. This hands-free approach saves time and ensures that there’s no lag in engagement with a potential buyer. While researching potential solutions, organizations should prioritize simplicity of integration and uptake.

However, it turned out that making the selling process simple and intuitive is at least as important as making life easier for the buyers. Essentially, these are the two sides of the same coin and both can be substantially enhanced with the use of the right technology. And lately, we’re finding out that there’s no better technology for this purpose than artificial intelligence .


They should also invest in training sales teams to adapt to more data-driven, AI-enabled procedures. Creating a holistic perspective of the client necessitates the dismantling of silos between customer-facing divisions and developing data-driven sales processes. AI-enabled platform suppliers can supply the infrastructure and advisory experience to help organizations align and modify their behavior.

Furthermore, it speeds up communication inside the organization and makes it smoother. Finally, it can do numerous repetitive and tiresome tasks that used to be done by human reps, in a reliable and error-free way. Very often, we hear that this is an era in which data is “the most valuable asset”.

Identify opportunities that are on track or at risk

There’s hardly a better example of this than personalized recommendations. Additionally, AI can compare the obtained insights with your biggest accounts and report to your sales team when there’s a high level of compatibility between these accounts and promising new prospects. Moreover, the algorithm that AI uses is automatically updated when you acquire new customers or when your existing accounts grow, leaving less and less room for errors. This means that more or less, three-quarters of those are just a waste of time. Without enough relevant data on these leads, sales reps have no way of knowing if there’s the slightest chance that their efforts will pay off.

How To Use AI In Sales

In fact, AI tools are increasingly taking over work that human salespeople don’t have the ability or the time to do. More often than not, a lack of knowledge among employees about AI can derail businesses’ quick adoption of AI tools. So before implementing your AI strategy, get your sales team on board. Sales managers and leaders need to train their sales professionals and support staff on the basics of AI.

The Potential Future of AI for Sales

In short, most salespeople aren’t really happy with the amount of info they have on people they’re trying to sell to and they definitely think that this type of info would be very valuable. Of course, these data first need to be collected through various tools, but without proper analysis by powerful AI software they’re almost worthless. With AI, salespeople no longer How To Use AI In Sales have to guess what price will help them win a deal. Machine-learning technology crunches all the sales data about customers, including location, size, and past successful deals to come up with a recommended price. We’re well past the time when sales organizations should be thinking about whether they need to invest in AI and automation solutions for sales.

Jasper Announces New Chat Interface for Its AI Platform – PR Newswire

Jasper Announces New Chat Interface for Its AI Platform.

Posted: Tue, 20 Dec 2022 13:49:00 GMT [source]

Sales reps normally leverage their experience from the last 5-10 years to decide which prospect to focus on. However, AI systems can leverage data from hundreds of sales reps to understand the factors that increase a prospect’s likelihood to buy and help your sales reps focus on the right prospects. Likewise, a machine learning model might determine customers’ sensitivities to price changes or propensities to negotiate for discounts.


This is why chatbots are so useful – they can jump in at any moment in time and provide help. In principle, AI’s capability to process and interpret colossal amounts of disparate data in a way no human could ever do manually is the root of most of its power. Additionally, its potential to automatically update its algorithms according to feedback, without outside human involvement is what makes its results so impressive. It processes data, constantly learns from it, adapts and then acts upon what it has learned, which results in a high level of automation of previously very difficult or impossible tasks. When leads are pre-qualified, the AI handles the scheduling and transfers the leads with the highest intent directly to your sales team. This eliminates many manual tasks, creates greater efficiency, and lets your sales team focus on converting high-quality leads.

How To Use AI In Sales

See how our customer service solutions bring ease to the customer experience. Use artificial intelligence to enhance the customer experience at every stage of the buyer’s journey. Zendesk Sell is a sales force automation system and sales CRM designed for ease of use, so naturally it’s already integrating artificial intelligence into its features. But some sales teams are still hesitant to adapt AI—and that hesitancy could come back to bite them later down the road.

While the sales team sleeps, the programs work round the clock to provide you with proficient leads and fresh insight. Traditionally, AI was dominated by rule-based systems, but as it evolved to tackle more complex problems, machine learning developed. In most cases, chatbots are a roundabout way of “dealing with” customers—but with no guarantee of actually successfully resolving their issues.

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How is AI is being used in the hiring process?.

Posted: Thu, 22 Dec 2022 12:00:00 GMT [source]

Allowing automation to take over is the key to uncovering revelations like these in the future. Nearly 62% of top sales pros say that this kind of guided-selling will become essential moving forward. For Instance, the data might suggest that the director or vice president of sales is your best bet at companies within a certain range of revenue.

  • The AI bot does the work of analyzing customer data and learning specific cues about prospects’ behavior.
  • They can provide some help to customers during basic interactions, taking customers down a defined decision tree, but they can’t discern customers’ intent, offer customized responses, or learn from interactions over time.
  • These tools enable you to identify leads that spend time on the company website and provide company contact information.
  • And obviously, its effectiveness goes beyond the scope of business to help us with matters we all find crucial, from healthcare and education to weather forecast, disaster response and many more.
  • AI helps by automating the process based on behavioral trends and uncovering effective next steps while providing full-funnel visibility for managers and other members of the revenue operations organization.
  • In a sales setting, NLP could be used, for example, to automatically digest, process, and route customer queries received via web forms.

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