The central branch of the company is located in Tbilisi. There is also a branch in St. In Batumi.

We would also like to inform you that since 2017, Flex Group is the exclusive distributor of Technical Chemical Laboratories (TCL) products in Georgia. TCL manufactures and sells professional cleaning, detergents and disinfectants in 50 countries around the world, designed for hotels as well as restaurants and clinics. The company Flex Group successfully cooperates with more than 1000 brand, network and family type hotels.

Distribution company “Flex Group” was founded in 2012 and since then has been importing and selling various products throughout Georgia. In particular, the supply of hotels with products such as hotel accessories and textiles, breakfast equipment and appliances, tableware, chemistry and other consumables. Our company range includes more than 400 products.

We can also offer design, manufacture and branding of hotel accessories, disposable slippers and textiles of any size, shape and color.